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POETRY PATH : Spring Talk

Jack-in-the-pulpit: Where are you, Jack?
"He's out for a minute; he'll be right back."
Did you hear that? Real pulpit talk:
You hear it only the first spring walk.

Hello, skunk cabbage! Where's old skunk?
"He's rolled up here in the upper bunk."
Of course he isn't-he can't be. Who
Ever heard of cabbage with bunks for two?
Well, dogtooth violet, and how's that tooth/
"It aches a bit, to tell the truth."

Now you heard that: he says it aches.
let's ask wake-robin when robin wakes,
And toadstools where the toads have gone.

"They all went home. They leave at dawn.
Wake robin, though, and hear him sing,"
Who wants to walk with me next spring?  

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-David McCord
Pinegreenwoods Poetry Path