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MONTESSORI ZOOLOGY : External Parts of Fish

The Fish

  The fish is a living vertebrate that
lives in water. It is covered with
scales and has fins for swimming.
They use gills to absorb oxygens
and fins to move about.
Fish lay eggs.


The gills enable the fish to
absorb oxygen from the water.


  A wing-like membranous part of a fish.

Pectoral Fin

A pair of fins attached to the side of the body
 just behind the head.The pectoral fins
 grow behind the gills and help the 
fish turn, stop, and maneuver.

Dorsal Fin

  A fin in the back of most fish.
The dorsal fin keeps the fish
upright in the water.

Pelvic Fin

  A fin on the bottom of the fish.
Most fish have a pair of pelvic fins
 to help them move. They are
sometimes called ventral fins.

Caudal Fin

  The tail at the posterior end of
a fish. The caudal fin is used
to propel the fish forward.

Anal Fin

The anal fin grows on the underside near 
the tail. It helps keep the fish upright


The front part of a fish containing
 the eyes,mouth and brain. The head 
is tapered to help the fish move 
through the water easily.

Lateral Line

  A row of tiny holes or pores
 on the side of a fish which tells of 
any changes in the water pressure.
The lateral line senses changes
in the movement of water.


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