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MONTESSORI BOTANY : Parts of The Plant


 The plant is a living organism.
The plant consists of root, stem, and leaves. 
The stem of a tree is usually called the trunk.

Latin: planta - shoot


The root is the part of the plant
that grows downward. The plant takes
in water through the root. The water
has mineral salts which the plant needs.
The root fixes the plant in the ground.
The root bears no leaves of flowers.

Middle English : root 

Sugar maples and pumpkins


The stem is the part of the plant that
grows upward. The stem connects
the root with the bud, leaves, flowers,
and fruit. The top of the stem is
called the growing point.

Anglo-Saxon: stem - stem of a tree. 

Autumn Sunset, Callander, Scotland


The branches are the part of the plant
that is woody. The branch grows from
the main stem of a tree, bush, or shrub.
branch may grow from another branch.

Latin: branca - foot

Rose leaves


The leaves are the part of the plant
that are thin, flat, and often wide.
The leaves have veins. 
The leaves are usually green. 
Leaves usually grow from the stem.

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