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POETRY PATH : Endless Seasons

Wallpaper morning glory, creepers, flowers, bright, green

 Tomorrow starts the month of June
as springtime ages much too soon
and summer shortly will be born
as springtime leaves and we shall mourn

Wallpaper morning glory, flowers, bindweed, green, blur

the passing of that lovely season
that dies too soon for no good reason
and summer heat will drench the earth
as maidens fair will laugh with mirth

Wallpaper morning glory, flowers, bindweed, herbs, twigs

and lads will play with ocean waves
Till summer ends its weary days
and all the leaves turn red next fall
making the world a glorious ball

Wallpaper morning glory, creepers, green, sky, blue

of fire colors and flaming trees
and cooler days and fresher breeze
and then at last will winter come 
 stark naked trees and fields and some

Wallpaper morning glory, flowers, white, green, close-up

will think the earth has gone to sleep
because the winter is so deep
until again the spring is here
fresh and lovely bright and clear.

                -Eyvind Earle 

Pinegreenwoods Poetry Path